Rules of the Library

Ø  Strict SILENCE, DECORUM and DISCIPLINE must be maintained in the Library.

Ø  Every member must sign the register available at the entrance (in the Library Visitors Entry 


Ø  Briefcases, bags, umbrellas, Tiffin boxes and other personal belongings must be deposited at the
entrance at PROPERTY STAND.

Ø  Personal books (except note books) are not allowed into the library.

Ø  Chewing pan and spitting, smoking, eating, sleeping and talking loudly are strictly prohibited in the Library.

Ø  Use of mobile phone is not permitted.

Ø  Students are free to browse through the books. Books taken out of      the shelves must be put on the proper shelves if possible, otherwise on the table. Replacing the books on shelves is not encouraged as it may be misplaced. Misplaced book is a lost book.

Ø  Readers should not mark, underline, write on, tear pages from or damage the library documents.

Ø  Newspapers and magazines must be read only in the Library on specific tables/stands and should  not be taken to any other reading area.

Ø  No Library material can be taken out of the Library without permission.

Ø  Each student would be issued ONE BOOK at a time period of ONE WEEK.

Ø  Staff members would be issued maximum FIVE BOOKS at a time for a maximum period of one FORTNIGHT.

Ø  Failure to return books on time would compulsorily lead to PENALTY of Rupees. 2/- (ONE) per day
for all (Students & Staff).

Ø  Magazines (previous issue) can be issued for one night (i.e. the user can take periodicals at the last period and return the same before the first period of the next day).

Ø  Any one who violates the rules and regulations of the Library would be liable to lose the privileges of
library membership.

Ø  The Librarian, with the approval of the Library Advisory Committee or Library Monitoring Committee reserves the right to add, delete, alter or modify any of the above rules as and when required.

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