Library always considered as doorways to knowledge. Its play a Vital role in the development of the teaching-learning programme of the school.

The Kendriya Vidyalaya SECL jhagrakhand is the Parent organization of this Library. The purpose of this Library is to provide the nascent and comprehensive information and materials on education in school level. This Library is equipped with almost all the collection ranging from documentary to electronic. Along with the curricular and academic collection, the focus has been given to the co-curricular and extra curricular collection. Library has adopted Open Access System as a circulatory mechanism & followed Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme for storing the documents, which helps the users to find the information and documents in an easiest way. The Motto of the library is “Bring them Together-The Students and the Books”.

           Empty contours haunt

          the reading room . In these

          shadow-shapes rest

          our hope of having 

          such libraries where our teacher

          can teaches themselves…

          some day… may be aftera decade…. or two….Maybe this

          our hope is too high…

          it’ll take too long, maybe…

          Yet, we do not give up hope…

          They have made it in 

          other countries…

          Some day our teachers will 

          fill up the empty contours…

          Some day…

          if we work for now…

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